IHAI Archive
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IHAI Archive

The IHAI Archive, consisting of printed books, pamphlets, journals and papers are deposited in the Irish Architectural Archive.

The books are catalogued by the IAA and held on their shelves; they are distinguished by the IHAI book label. To-date, these comprise four groups:

  • Books on industrial heritage, economic history, engineering, transport, etc.
  • Books, pamphlets and catalogues on flour milling, animal feed production, etc
  • The Hilliard Collection of books and journals on brewing and malting; and engineering.
  • Power sources as in windmills, watermills and steam engines.
  • The Gavin Bowie Archive. This archive consists of the doctorate thesis by Gavin Bowie: Watermills, Windmills and Stationary Steam Engines in Ireland with Special Reference to Problems of Conservation, The Queen’s University Belfast, 1975; together with 31 files dealing with similar subject matter, plus industrial archaeological record cards dating from the early 1970s.


All this material can be accessed and consulted at the Irish Architectural Archive, 45 Merrion Square East, Dublin 2. (www.iarc.ie)

There is also a holding of IHAI books and papers on flour milling currently held at Ardgillan Castle, Co Dublin.

Note that the record books of companies and other related material are held in the National Archives, Bishop Street, Dublin 8. (www.nationalarchives.ie).

The IHAI is very keen to receive books , papers, drawings and other records relating to all aspects of Ireland’s industrial heritage; and to ensure that they are catalogued and made accessible to researchers through the facility of the Irish Architectural Archive.