About IHAI
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About IHAI

Growing Public Awareness

Ireland’s industrial heritage is continually being changed or destroyed. There has been a growing public awareness of Ireland’s industrial heritage, as seen in a number of sites which have been restored or conserved by enthusiasts and are now open to the public as tourist and educational attractions. Although there is official recognition of the importance of our industrial heritage, statutory protection is still low, due in the main to a backlog of listing of industrial heritage structures.

IHAI: Since 1996

The Industrial Heritage Association of Ireland (IHAI) was established in June 1996 to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the many thousands of sites, monuments and items of machinery that together constitute our industrial heritage.


IHAI is a company limited by guarantee and registered in the Republic of Ireland (400431) and is managed by an Executive Committee (Board) made up of individuals (Directors) with a wide range of interests and specialisms in the subject.


IHAI is also registered as a Charitable Body (CHY20523) whose main activity is industrial heritage information and education.

Ireland’s industrial heritage dates mainly from the late 18th century to the recent past and includes sites falling into the following groups:

  • Extractive industries such as mines, quarries and the peat industry.
  • Manufacturing industries, for example corn and textile mills.
  • Service industries mainly water, gas and electricity.
  • Power sources as in windmills, watermills and steam engines.
  • Transport and communications as expressed in roads, bridges, railways, canals, harbours and airfields.

The main objectives of the IHAI are:

  • To establish links between like-minded enthusiasts, societies and national institutions.
  • To promote a nationwide inventory, survey and record of all industrial sites.
  • To promote the marketing and presentation of industrial heritage sites.
  • To set up educational initiatives


The IHAI welcomes all with an interest in Ireland’s industrial past.